Cryptography is an area of scientific, applied, engineering-technical research and practical activities associated with the development of cryptographic protection of information against threats from the enemy and/or the offender, as well as the analysis and justification of their cryptographic strength. In currently, the main objectives of cryptography are confidentiality, integrity, authentication, inability of refusal, maintenance of anonymity. In contrast organizational and other ways to protect the information under cryptographic understood as such, which use mathematical methods convert protected information. Cryptography, with a certain degree of conditionality, is divided into: cryptosynthesis and cryptanalysis; cryptography includes cryptology.

Translation from: Словарь криптографических терминов / Под ред. Б. А. Погорелова и В. Н. Сачкова. —М.: МЦНМО, 2006. — 94 с.

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  4. obtain specific recommendations for research and practice in cryptography, i.e. know how to act.

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